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Offering business advisory that begin with the innovation and end with creating diverse values
Soaring together in the broad blue sky and ocean
  • Risk management
    Design agile business model and organization structure to fast respond to dynamic external environment
  • Cost reduction and efficiency improvement
    Cut operational cost by elevating business model, increase efficiency by connecting business value chains and improving coordination among organizations
  • Win-win
    Ensure all stakeholders to achieve win-win through balancing each party’s interest and maximizing synergy.
  • Global view and practice
    Benchmark global leading trend and use international business practice to guide business partnership
JieXiong is a professional boutique consulting and service provider company. It offers customized solutions and business connections based on company strategy.

We focus on industries such as bio-tech, high tech, semi-conductors, retail and new energy. We help clients to effectively reduce cost and increase organization core competency as well as agility to respond to external environment. We partner with clients to solve the critical issues related to human resources and business. We offer accurate, personalized and customized HR solutions as well as business connection based on company strategy and the demand for expansion and sustainable development to elevate company competitiveness and business results.  
Delivery quality
Client oriented, set high standard and offer high quality services as well as results
Precise focus
Target market oriented and deep understanding of client profound need are the solid basis for consulting service. Offer professional and customized business solutions to clients.
Professional team
Core team members have more than 20 year international and professional related experience in global top benchmark companies 
Rich resources
Offer matching options to clients for high quality resources(business value chains, financials and talents)
  • Successful cases

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